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~*~Pick Your Own Hockey Player~*~

~*~Pick Your Own Hockey Player~*~
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Ok kiddies, here we go! This is your oppurtunity to stake your claim on a hockey player! But before you do this, there are some rules:

1)You can choose up to 7 players.
2)Player name and team must be listed with each claim.
3)Players can be taken from any league.
4)Somewhere within your claim, you must have something to the effect of "Pittsburgh Penguins #1" You don't have to like the Pens at all, you can be plotting to blow up the Igloo as I am typing this, but please, just humor me.
5)Players cannot be picked if they have already been claimed. (see list below)

Ok then, that's the rules...Happy picking!

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins
Marc Andre Fleury
Milan Kraft
JS Aubin
Eric Meloche
Sebastien Caron

Montreal Canadiens
Cristobal Huet

New York Rangers
Jaromir Jagr

Boston Bruins
PJ Stock

Western Conference

Anahiem Mighty Ducks
Sergei Fedorov

Vancouver Canucks
Johan Hedberg

Colorado Avalanche
Alex Tanguay
David Aebischer

Detroit Red Wings
Henrik Zetterberg


WBS Penguins
Colby Armstrong